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The Element of Surprise

I’ve heard from more than one of my friends, that if they were attacked, they’d shoot the assailant.  All I can say to that is REALLY???  You are walking down the street and someone grabs you around the neck from behind and holds a knife to your throat. How are you going to shoot him? It’s not like you walk around with your Sig or Glock out. It’s in your purse. How are you going to get to that? You aren’t. You are going to have a knife to your throat, they are going to take, at BEST, your purse (with your gun in it) and run, or at WORST,  your purse (with your gun in it), violate you in 32 ways and slash your throat. You still aren’t going to have a weapon to shoot him. Stop with the bravado and face the reality – having a CHL and carrying a weapon may be your right (depending on your state), but it is not 100% effective – kind of like a condom – you gotta have it AND use it, for it to work.

You are at a sporting event/festival/public gathering where they check your bags. You can’t bring a firearm, knife or anything of the sort inside. A drunk guy powerhouses you into a wall near the public restrooms and begins to assault you? What do you have? Nothing.

You are at work, and handguns are not allowed in the building (they aren’t in most public buildings). You leave and go to your car in the parking garage, where you are attacked and dragged into a stairwell. What do you have? Nothing.

You are a student on a college campus. Guns aren’t allowed in the buildings, in the dorms, in the frat houses. You are attacked at a party (which happens A LOT). How do you defend yourself? (side note for parents – did you know that 106 Universities in the US are currently under investigation for mishandling reports of sexual assault on campus?)

I could go on and on. Your gun isn’t the end all be all of anything. Neither is your spouse, partner, son, etc. They can be easily incapacitated. But ARMABAND®, while non- lethal, gives you fighting chance to stay alive, to get away, and identify the assailant through their DNA. It’s a wristband, that LOOKS innocent, but packs a huge surprise. It can be worn 24 hours a day, it’s waterproof, it’s with you and can be armed in seconds (faster if you have practiced) and it’s allowed EVERYWHERE.

Why wouldn’t you want that assurance, why wouldn’t you have that as a tool in your arsenal? Maybe you will never have to use it, and I honestly hope you never do, but if you are ever in a position where you DO need it, having it gives you the advantage of the element of surprise – no assailant is going to expect something sharp to hit them with force and cause them to arc away, letting their victim go.

Don’t dismiss ARMABAND® – it’s stunning, it’s shocking, it’s unexpected, it gives you an advantage and levels the playing field. Why wouldn’t you want it on your side?


Fatal Transactions

It was a normal summer day in McKinney, Texas, a suburb some 30 miles north of Dallas. Sarah Anne Walker, an on-site agent for a local home builder was hosting an open house – a veritable free-for-all for those seeking a new home, looking for decorating ideas, or looking to cool off from the typical heat of a Texas summer.  Sarah placed a phone call to a friend earlier in the day – nothing was amiss. Yet, when she was found, she had been beaten, bitten and stabbed 27 times. Her Rolex and ring were missing. Her killer, Kosoul Chanthakoummane was convicted in 2008 of capital murder and is currently serving his sentence on death row awaiting a lethal injection.

Sarah had been attacked in her workplace, a place she more than likely had never considered risky. It’s not something they teach you in real estate school – I should know – I once held a real estate license in the great state of Texas. It’s not covered course material. It’s not covered in the required continuing education classes. And it SHOULD be. It should be a required element in all real estate agent training, in every state.

While those in the industry have chalked the reasons up to the average person believing that real estate agents are wealthy, and therefore great targets for robbery, that’s not it – criminals have a predator mentality – and empty homes are prime hunting grounds. In simpler terms, Realtors are easy targets. They often show homes alone, depend on home sales for a living and must show a home to make a sale, and with the rise in the use of social media to announce open houses – are increasingly easy to find.

crime scene

Brendon Smith, a personal protection specialist, former police officer and ARMABAND® wearer, offers the following tips not just for REALTORS®, but for everyone:

  • First and foremost, women (and men) need to be aware of their surroundings at all times. This includes in the home, working, driving, shopping, etc. I think as a society, people in general are so distracted by their phones or other devices. That distraction lays the foundation for a dangerous situation to occur. Keep that phone in a purse or pocket until you get somewhere safe to look at it. When you do enter a place of business or area where you have to look at your phone or respond to it, never allow yourself to be in the open per se. Find a wall to put your back up against and where you can have a great line of sight on anyone passing by. Don’t stand in line and have a conversation on your phone so that everyone around you hears every detail of your life/whereabouts/things you’re going to do…this may allow a would be attacker to use anything from that conversation to gain “compliance” from you by acting like he/she knows you.
  • When walking to your car from a building or vice versa, be ready. Don’t have anything in your hands other than your keys. Keep your head on a swivel, always looking to the left, right and glance behind you. If you notice someone watching you, make eye contact!! Let them know YOU see them. When you get into your car, LOCK IT! Before you get that key in or seatbelt on. If you are checking your phone while sitting in your vehicle, look up frequently to check your surroundings. Don’t allow yourself to be so absorbed in that phone or conversation that you don’t notice someone coming up to your car.
  • For those in real estate:
    • I would suggest, along with being aware of your surroundings, learn to trust your instinct! That is our built in “alarm” system. We were designed with that for a reason. Do not “justify” or “silence” those alarm bells because the person “looks” harmless, is cute or charming, has been personable in previous visits. That is something that criminals will use to their advantage to gain the trust of the intended victim.
    • If you are scheduled to meet someone to show a home, have a code word with the office or friend to let them know you have arrived at the home/when you are leaving/if you feel scared, etc. Develop a plan and stick to it, the same thing every time. Whether it’s checking in via phone with the office or texting a “safe” word. If possible, when you arrive, take note of the vehicle description and license plate number. text or call those in. Let the office know if the person shows up alone or with someone else. If you have the personnel, take another agent with you. Have a time limit, if you haven’t checked in within 10 mins, have them call you.
    • Never allow yourself to enter a room first…always allow them to go first. Keep yourself between them and the door in case you have to exit quickly. If you have your keys, keep them in your hand with one key (preferably a longer one) firmly wedged between two of your fingers and close your fist around it. If you have to defend yourself, that key can serve as an object to cause pain to the eyes, throat, head etc. allowing you time to get away or create distance.
    • This is where the ARMABAND® comes in…it could be “armed” from the moment you arrive on property. Never give personal information away to potential clients. You can be polite but firm in your stance on that. Most people who don’t want to cause you harm will respect that.
  • Bottom line – If your “gut instinct” tells you something is wrong, listen to it. If you have to…come up with a reason to leave the house or area. Don’t dismiss that feeling!

ARMABAND® is just ONE step in keeping yourself safe, providing a line of defense to not only help you get away, but identify the attacker with the DNA capture. We challenge each and every one of you to re-think your own personal habits that impact your safety. It could save your life.



Who says blue is a boy color??

Did you know that the gender specific color assignments of blue for boys and pink for girls didn’t actually become a “thing” until World War II? It’s true.

A June 1918 article from the trade publication Earnshaw’s Infants’ Department said, “The generally accepted rule is pink for the boys, and blue for the girls. The reason is that pink, being a more decided and stronger color, is more suitable for the boy, while blue, which is more delicate and dainty, is prettier for the girl.”

We already have a blue band – and pink is in the works. So ladies, what do you say? Shouldn’t we take blue back? I think we should. It was ours to begin with!!

Have a great week, ARMABandits!

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Did you know?

2013 Crime Stats

After looking at the 2013 Crime Clock Statistics (this is the latest full year reported at this time, from the Uniform Crime Report), what do you think? Do you wonder how many of those rapes, robberies or aggravated assaults could have been stopped if the victims had been wearing an ARMABAND? I do. Of course, it’s hard to say if Murder could be affected, but it could be, I guess.

An aggravated assault every 43.5 seconds? So basically, in the time it took me to write this post so far, there have been 3 or 4 aggravated assaults, a robbery and a half, and we are about 1/3 of the way through a rape. That is SCARY. Did you realize that it was so prevalent? And these are just the reported crimes – and it has been shown that personal violent crime is grossly under reported.

With Spring Break for the college kids quickly approaching (my daughter’s is next week), so many college students are escaping to warmer climates to enjoy some surf, sand and sun. Some are going skiing (brrrrr). We know that there are many, many reports of sexual assaults, aggravated assaults and simple assaults reported and UNreported on Spring Break. How many of those could be stopped not only by being responsible with the drinking, but by wearing an ARMABAND, for that added little bit of protection? These are the things I think about – and want to change. I want an ARMABAND on EVERY college student. Male and female. Every. Single. One. Why? Because there is no way to tell who will become a victim – no way to know who will be the preyed upon. So everyone should have one.

Help us spread the word on college campuses and let’s change the game – and the statistics.

Have a great weekend everyone!

It’s time to say #NoMore

As you may have heard, or seen on Twitter, Facebook and even on the USA Channel’s #NoMore Law & Order: Special Victims Unit marathon airing today, this is #NoMoreWeek, a week centered on bringing awareness to the #NoMore movement – to stop bullying, assault, domestic violence and sexual violence (among others). has been highly successful in bringing conversation around these topics to the forefront, partnering with the NFL last fall during their PR nightmare surrounding some players and spousal abuse. Celebrities and athletes are involved – both male and female – in order to bring a face to the cause. And they are doing incredible work. If the rates of bullying, assault, domestic violence and sexual violence decrease – it’s a win, for everyone. But I think we all know that humans are fallible and we will never be able to eradicate violent crime, as much as we would all love to.

But there is something we can all do – be aware. Be aware of your surroundings, be aware of the other people around you, always be on alert – not just to protect yourself, but in case you witness something. It’s not easy being an eyewitness, but it can make a difference.

ARMABAND stands behind the #NoMore movement – wholeheartedly. No More bullying. No More ignorance. No More hate. No More bystanding. No More silence. No More “not in this family.” No More “boys will be boys.” No More “she didn’t say no, so she must have meant yes.” No More “she deserved it.”  NO ONE deserves it.  Ever. It is our plea, to our ARMABandits, please take up this cause.

Be vocal. Be involved. Instead of being just a bystander, be a courageous one – step up, say something, it might save someone’s life. Be that person. Be the one who speaks for the ones who cannot speak for themselves. Teach your kids to be a courageous bystander, and that bullying is never right. Teach your teens that if someone doesn’t say “Yes” or CAN’T say “Yes” (impaired by alcohol or drugs) – then they do not give consent to sex, and any sexual contact is a CRIME.

And if you are someone who has been or is currently being affected by bullying, assault, domestic violence or sexual violence. REACH OUT and GET HELP. If you don’t know where to go, don’t know where to get help, here are few organizations who can guide you to the appropriate local agency:

National Domestic Abuse Hotline: 1-800-799-7233
RAINN (Rape Assault and Incest National Network): 1-800-656-HOPE (4673)
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline & Stop Bullying Hotline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

and for emergencies – always dial 911.

Don’t be afraid they won’t believe you. Don’t be afraid to tell your story. Be your own best advocate.

Someday, the rate of violent crime might drop so much that ARMABAND becomes obsolete, but until that happens, ARMABAND is here to provide you with a simple, effective, and affordable way to protect yourself, to level the playing field and capture the assailant’s DNA while creating a time gap to allow yourself to escape. By wearing an ARMABAND you are saying NO MORE to being a target and NO MORE to being a victim.

Join ARMABAND in saying #NoMore this week, and spread the word.

ARMABAND stays “Hands-On” with the “Hands-Off” Wristband – Made In The U.S.A.

Good afternoon ArmaBandits! (see what I did there? You have a name now!)

I wanted to check in before the weekend and say THANK YOU to all who have “liked”, “followed”, commented, shared and talked about ARMABAND. It’s been quite a Launch Week in ARMABANDland and we are heading into our first weekend on the market knowing that the word is getting out, and ARMABAND will be making a difference in someone’s life. It’s taken about 3 years to get ARMABAND to market. It’s been a long road and we are all incredibly proud to have been able to finally introduce it to you.

One of the decisions that had to be made during the product development was if we would cut costs and outsource the making of the molds and manufacturing of the bands to another country. We could have gone to another country. Or we could spend a little more and keep jobs here, in the US, with a US manufacturer. It was important to all of us that we not only supported US jobs and US manufacturing – but that we had the ability to stay “hands on” and meet with the manufacturer in person rather easily during the development process.

Because of the technologically advanced world we live in, we were able to accomplish most of it via video calls and overnight shipping – but there were times when an in person visit was necessary – and you should always visit your manufacturer a few times a year. They are part of your team. Without our manufacturer, we would not have ARMABAND in the form it is today. It took many test batches to find the right gauge of silicone, to perfect the molds and to come up with that absolutely gorgeous translucent band that is becoming our “signature” look.

It took many people associated with the management team to test the bands, to try out the “stingers” and to be willing victims to experience being stung. We’ve all been stung enough times to know exactly how it feels (and want to avoid it happening again). It’s been a labor of love, that’s for certain.

If we had chosen a manufacturer not located here in the U.S., ARMABAND would probably still be in test phase, months, maybe even years from being on the market. But, it’s here. For you. For everyone. It’s here to give you that little extra boost of confidence to go about your life knowing that you have a tool to use should you ever find yourself in a less-than-desirable situation. In about one second, the band can be armed – so you can Strike Hard. Get Away. Capture DNA.  Afterwards, simply take the band off, and drop it in an evidence bag when you make the police report – then give us a shout and we’ll help you get another one ordered.

Welcome to our ARMABAND family, ArmaBandits. We are happy to have you.

Have a great weekend!!


ARMABAND Hits the Market – Here We Go!

Good evening, ARMABANDERS…ARMABANDITES….what in the world should we call you? We need a great name. Be sure you enter your suggestions in the comments. There might be a prize. I’ll have to check with the boss man.

Today was a HUGE day for all of us here at ARMABAND. After almost 3 years of product development, patents, trademarks and all that other business type stuff, we officially launched ARMABAND. The bands are for sale. Right now. You should hop on over to the store ( and get one. We have 3 colors available at this time – solid black, a gorgeous translucent/clear and a stunning translucent blue.  Before you ask, yes, we will add more colors in the future. And yes, we will customize colors and imprint a logo on bulk or organizational orders.

Later posts will be more business-like and such, but I wanted to introduce myself before we get all serious. My name is Pamela and I am the Director of Marketing, Public Relations and Social Media for ARMABAND. This also means I am the Blog Queen and will be writing most, if not all, of the content you will find on this blog site. I have an extensive background in marketing and public relations, operations and administration in a lot of different industries, I think that makes me well-rounded. I have been a published writer since the age of 15, so hopefully, the content will be somewhat engaging. I am so excited and happy to be part of the ARMABAND team – and to be able to bring this groundbreaking product to you, our ARMAFANS (?)…that one might need some work.

ARMABAND is one of the most exciting projects I have worked on. Being the survivor of date rape in my teens, and a stalker attack in my early twenties, I WISH this product had been around then – so what it can do, and what it provides resonate deeply with me. As any survivor of a violent crime will tell you, your confidence is shaken afterwards. It’s a natural response. You are a little more tentative and also a little more aware of your surroundings. You learn situational awareness very quickly. Anything that you can have on you to bolster your confidence and allow you to go about living your life knowing you have a way to defend yourself means everything to you. Unfortunately, most of us can’t afford a bodyguard and most weapons are not allowed in public places, regardless of CHL laws. With ARMABAND, you can wear it anywhere. Literally. You can wear it in a pool, you can wear it in a school, you can wear it on a train, you can wear it on a plane…you get the picture.

We’ve all heard the nightmare stories of women (and men) being attacked on the jogging trail, in a dorm room, walking to their car after a late night at work, showing a house to a client, or just standing in their own home. ARMABAND can help change that. Wear it, arm it (just flip the top band over your thumb so the stingers are out), and strike – the assailant ‘s nerves are stimulated in a sharp way, causing a reflex arc and inciting them to let go. This gives the victim time to escape, or gain control of the situation. It levels the playing field. And, that, is exciting.

I am attaching our press release (ARMABAND Press Release 3-3-2015) that was sent out today to this blog post. If you are so inclined, give it a read for more nitty gritty details. And, if you have questions, please let us know in the comments. We want to hear from you!