Strike Hard. Get Away. Capture DNA.

The Element of Surprise

I’ve heard from more than one of my friends, that if they were attacked, they’d shoot the assailant.  All I can say to that is REALLY???  You are walking down the street and someone grabs you around the neck from behind and holds a knife to your throat. How are you going to shoot him? It’s not like you walk around with your Sig or Glock out. It’s in your purse. How are you going to get to that? You aren’t. You are going to have a knife to your throat, they are going to take, at BEST, your purse (with your gun in it) and run, or at WORST,  your purse (with your gun in it), violate you in 32 ways and slash your throat. You still aren’t going to have a weapon to shoot him. Stop with the bravado and face the reality – having a CHL and carrying a weapon may be your right (depending on your state), but it is not 100% effective – kind of like a condom – you gotta have it AND use it, for it to work.

You are at a sporting event/festival/public gathering where they check your bags. You can’t bring a firearm, knife or anything of the sort inside. A drunk guy powerhouses you into a wall near the public restrooms and begins to assault you? What do you have? Nothing.

You are at work, and handguns are not allowed in the building (they aren’t in most public buildings). You leave and go to your car in the parking garage, where you are attacked and dragged into a stairwell. What do you have? Nothing.

You are a student on a college campus. Guns aren’t allowed in the buildings, in the dorms, in the frat houses. You are attacked at a party (which happens A LOT). How do you defend yourself? (side note for parents – did you know that 106 Universities in the US are currently under investigation for mishandling reports of sexual assault on campus?)

I could go on and on. Your gun isn’t the end all be all of anything. Neither is your spouse, partner, son, etc. They can be easily incapacitated. But ARMABAND®, while non- lethal, gives you fighting chance to stay alive, to get away, and identify the assailant through their DNA. It’s a wristband, that LOOKS innocent, but packs a huge surprise. It can be worn 24 hours a day, it’s waterproof, it’s with you and can be armed in seconds (faster if you have practiced) and it’s allowed EVERYWHERE.

Why wouldn’t you want that assurance, why wouldn’t you have that as a tool in your arsenal? Maybe you will never have to use it, and I honestly hope you never do, but if you are ever in a position where you DO need it, having it gives you the advantage of the element of surprise – no assailant is going to expect something sharp to hit them with force and cause them to arc away, letting their victim go.

Don’t dismiss ARMABAND® – it’s stunning, it’s shocking, it’s unexpected, it gives you an advantage and levels the playing field. Why wouldn’t you want it on your side?


2 responses to “The Element of Surprise”

  1. Bsmith says:

    Great blog!! Hit nail on head and I am a CHL holder and carry a gun for a living. So true! I always wear my ARMABAND!

    • Pamela Ireland says:

      Thanks, Brendon! I think it’s important for everyone to understand that just because you are allowed to carry a gun (CHL), you can’t carry it everywhere, it’s called CONCEALED for a reason, and it’s not as readily available as you think if you are carrying. I don’t understand why anyone would not want everything available at their disposal to defend themselves.